Avalon 3

These waterfront sites are steep, covered in rocky outcrops and tall Eucalypts, overlooking a coastal inlet and taking in the sunset over the National Park beyond.

The architectural brief asked for a functional, modern home with:

  • comfortable access
  • environmentally responsible
  • creative spaces for artworks, landscape features etc.

Architectually the building embraces a concept of "flowing space", reminiscent of the Modern Movement such as the "Bauhaus", going back to 1929.

The sequence of internal and external spaces linking down the sloping site, became a "continuum of space", marked by "space forming elements" such as a lift tower, a stone garden wall, a fountain, freestanding fire place etc.

In particular the configuration of roof and wall planes is creating a play of light and shade, whilst letting in the winter sun only, but keeping out the southerly storms.

The builidng becomes climatically responsive, i.e.

  • living levels receive controlled sun light all day/year round
  • winter sun boosting hydronic heating in polished concrete floor
  • solar roof panel array with battery backup

Of course, the success of any building is in the satisfaction of its users.