Burranuk Estate


Situated on 1000 acres in Evans Plain, on the mid western highway outside Bathurst, BurranukEstate was conceived as an eco – residential development featuring sustainability principles and community based design guidelines:

site panning:

infrastructure for 8 lots with approximately 20 houses in total, including reservoirs, pumping stations, sewage treatment plants, treated effluent irrigation, rainwater storage tanks, solar power and hot water, communal facilities, food gardens.

Lot 1 is the existing autonomous farm with potential community shop outlet

construction of residences:

based on sustainable building methods and materials such as timber roof trusses and window and door frames, mud brick and stone walling. House types are developed from basic space modules, consisting of wall – roof and window-door elements. Modules can be arranged into varying house types according to inhabitants brief and site features.

lifestyle of communal inhabitants:

Each dwelling is built on approximately 25-30 acres which makes them hardly visible from each other. A communal facility with swimming pool, tennis court, guest cottage is available for everybody.

Design and construction:

follows the established house typology code, with clients either buying off the plan or designing from scratch within the code.

Inspiration for this project comes from Mexican landscape architect, Luis Barragan’s ‘El Pedregal’ housing project near the Xitheo volcano on a 865 acre site. A vigorous set of building restrictions was imposed on construction and landscaping to obtain architectural harmony and to protect the environment.