Lambs Valley

The design of this rural residence, with shed and stables, is based on ecologically sustainable design (ESD) principles including:

  • all habitable rooms have northern aspects, verandahs shaded in summer, passive solar gain in winter
  • cross ventilation
  • thermal mass slab on ground
  • external walls are reverse brick veneer
  • zinc (low energy manufacture, long lasting, totally recyclable) – roof + wall cladding
  • wall insulation – R2.5, roof insulation R3.5
  • windows – double glazed, timber framed
  • 5kw photovoltaic system, grid connected
  • solar hot water, solar electric boosted (integrated roof system)
  • on site waste management system
  • 40 kl stormwater tank for fire fighting
  • 60kl rainwater tank used for house needs and irrigation
  • cooling by ceiling fans, landscape shading and evaporation
  • heating – electric boost / solar hydronic in slab
  • lighting – 80% compact low energy fluorescent